We are selective about the clients we choose due to our desire to provide optimal attention to our clients. We like to get to know you to see if we are a good match from the get-go. We want to truly know you, as well as your likes and dislikes so we can create an event that is totally YOU! We can’t stress enough how important and vested WE are in you and your wedding day. The trust that our families put into us means everything to us!


frequently asked questions

would my wedding be a good fit for your company?

my venue has a coordinator? why do a planner?

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best venue coordinators in the business and what makes them great is they focus on doing their job – which is taking care of their venue. Venue coordinators manage their staff, overseeing the kitchen, waitstaff, and meal service. Most will depart once the meal is complete and the dancing begins. Many venues, particularly in our California market, require couples to hire an outside wedding day coordinator so they can focus on getting their job done. Our team will be with you throughout the entire day – even if that means the first hair and make-up call at 7 am to the last dance at 1 am. There is a great deal that takes place off-site during the wedding day; hours before you even arrive at the venue. We’re with you every step of the way – steaming a dress, sewing on the groom’s shirt button, coordinating a first look with the photographer or running to the health store to get special throat-coat tea for the bride. (You can be certain that your venue coordinator is not going to be able to leave her workplace to run an emergency errand for you.) At the end of the night, your personal items magically get to where they need to be so that you, your family and friends
can truly enjoy the entire day without having to oversee a single detail.

where do you plan events?

Our business has no boundaries – tell us about your dream destination.night, your personal items magically get to where they need to be so that you, your family and friends can truly enjoy the entire day without having to oversee a single detail.

Do you work with lgbtq couples?

Yes!! In fact, our contract requires all vendors to be inclusive.

Do you work with clients who don’t live in the same locations as your offices?

All the time! In fact, 60% of our clients live outside of our “physical office area.” We communicate seamlessly through email, phone, text, Zoom conference calls and their planning portal. Clients also receive a link to our calendar availability so they can directly book conference calls with us without having to go back and forth to check everyone’s schedule.

Do you have insurance

Yes – We carry both general and professional liability insurance. To best protect you, we also require all your wedding vendors to carry insurance.

Do you receive a referral fee from the vendors you recommend?

Absolutely not – and we can’t stress this enough. We work with the best and most sought-after wedding pros in the business who don’t need to pay-out referrals to planners. Of utmost importance to us is putting together a wedding team of like minded vendors who share our vision of protecting YOUR experience so the planning phase and your wedding day are enjoyable and flawless.

Our wedding budget doesn’t allow for a planner.

Your wedding will be one of the biggest financial commitments you make over your lifetime – don’t make it without an expert by your side to guide your financial decisions. Over and over again, we find that our fees really do pay for themselves by saving clients from making costly mistakes or by having the resources to get the job done for less money. One of our clients sought out 3 different bids for a full dance floor wrap. We saved her $3000 by sourcing it through one of our trusted vendors.

Still don’t think it’s within your budget? Then please consider hiring a planner for a 1-2 hour paid consultation to share your initial thoughts and plans about your wedding. They can help point out some pitfalls or things you should watch for BEFORE signing any contracts. Perhaps you’re considering getting married on XYZ date because it’s the 4- year anniversary of your first date? How sweet and romantic! However, an experienced planner will know that’s the date for the annual citywide marathon and there will be extensive street closures as well as a premium price tag for hotel rooms. Does that mean you shouldn’t plan your wedding for that date? Not at all – it just means that you’re going into the planning phase knowing some important facts that will allow you to make an informed decision before you commit.

any last bit of advice?

Write down a list of “must-haves” when you begin planning. Focus on getting these things exactly the way you envision. When you find yourself upset about something being wrong or you lost a battle with your future spouse or other vested parties such as parents; know that you are wasting time and energy that could be spent on making those truly important things perfect.

where can we learn more about you?

Please check out our social media accounts and Wedding Wire Reviews:

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Even better, schedule a call with us – we love talking weddings!

Lynne...made my vision come true. She put together a flawless, spectacular day for Dennis and I. It was  truly a magical, elegant and stress-free wedding. She was on top of every detail from beginning to end. Nothing I can say can express the gratitude we have for Lynne. She guided us through the entire planning process with the highest degree of professionalism and finesse. The day of the wedding, Lynne was everywhere making sure that everything went the way it was supposed to go. She kept us fed and hydrated... as most brides forget to eat. She made us homemade scones for the bridal party to enjoy as we got ready for the day. I could go one and on with the over the top details that came with working with Lynne. She was on top of everything which gave us confidence to be stress free. We can't get over how beautiful it was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  


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