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With so many incredible resorts and hotels throughout the world, planning a destination wedding can be a bit overwhelming.  We’ve compiled a list of important questions to help you narrow down the choices. Do you and your future spouse have a valid U.S. Passport? If you are contemplating a foreign destination, keep in mind that […]

One of my favorite moments from the movie “Father of the Bride” is the scene where Annie, played by Kimberly Williams Presley, tells her dad that she wants to get married in their backyard.  Her father, played by Steve Martin, has flashes of a sweet backyard event with picnic tables and a barbeque.  His famous […]

When planning your wedding in Chicago, it’s important to have a detailed timeline. This not only serves as a roadmap of your wedding day, but includes logistics and important details that help your wedding vendors work effectively.  The average timeline we create for our clients is around 16-18 pages long. This lengthy document ensures that […]

The tradition of toasts and speeches can be traced back to most ancient societies. Today, wedding toasts have developed into a tradition of its own but a typical order of speeches is the hosts (often the parents), honor attendants and then the newlyweds. But do all weddings need to follow this common trend? Surprisingly, more […]

A client recently mentioned that she and her mom were curious when they saw that we have more than 150 items in our Wedding Planner Emergency Kit. Admittedly, were trying to figure what that could possibly included.  We thought it would be fun to write a post about the top 10 things we use from […]


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